Swordfish Product Specifications

Product Name: Swordfish loins Vacuum packed
Chilean Name: Albacora -Pez Espada - sworfish
Latin Name: Xiphias gladius

Presentation: Half moon and quarter moon swordfish loins with no bones, with or without skin, fresh and vacuum packed in poly boxes with fixed or variable weights.

Production Line: Fresh and frozen
Format: 3-6 kilos and or client specification
Raw Material: Fresh swordfish from artisanal catch
Quality of Product: Premium

Processing Temperatures

  • Reception: ≤ 8 ºC
  • During process: ≤ 4ºC
  • Cooling period: ≤ 2ºC in the centre of the loin
  • Storage: -2 ≤ 2ºC
  • Despatch: ≤ 2 in the centre of the loin

Primary Packaging: Sealed vacuum bag with date coding and client approved sticker

Secondary Packaging: Poly box with client approved label, 2 gel pack 250grs inside the box. Each box to be sealed with tape and in a transparent plastic bag.

Primary Packaging Label: White printed sticker with unit weight of loin, production date, sell by date, lot number, plant number and origin. Labels to be approved by client.

Secondary Sticker Label: White sticker with product name, production date, scientific name, weight, size, sell by date, lot number, plant number and origin. To be approved by client.

Shelf Life: 21 days

QC limits

Analysis : Limits
Total Count: ≤ 5x105 ufc/gr
Total coliforms: < 4NMP/gr
Staphilococcus aureus: < 100 ufc/gr
Salmonella: absence in 25 gr
Listeria Monocytógenes: < 10 ufc/gr